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Nobody gets to where they are in their career alone. We all need mentors and advocates.

I started as a teaching assistant in my second year of my bachelor's. While it seemed like a great chance to finance my studies and learning something at the same time, I was surprised how much I enjoyed it from the start. Throughout my entire bachelor's and most of my master's I continued working as a teaching assistant in the Materials Science and Metallurgy program. During my PhD, I repeatedly taught tutorials for the first and second cycle of the Physics program.

At ETH, I have a teaching assignment at the Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering. I teach in the first, second, and third cycles. I feel lucky to have met so many students and helped them to become more confident in their studies; I am very much looking forward to continuing guiding students along their path.

I am looking forward to contributing to the MSc program at the Department of Electrical Engineering at TU Eindhoven in 2021.


Advisor & Co-advisor

Internship Laric Bobzien | ETH Zurich

Tip-induced switching of phase-change material thin films

BSc Thesis Lorenz Heyder | ETH Zurich

Raman spectra of GeTe nanoparticles from first principles

PhD viva Santiago Garcia-Cuevas Carrillo | University of Exeter

Reconfigurable phase-change metasurface absorbers for optoelectronic device applications

MSc Semester Project Linda Borghi | ETH Zürich

Laser-induced switching of GeTe thin-film phase-change material

BSc Thesis Aurelia Siegfried | ETH Zürich

The crystalline-to-crystalline phase transition in germanium telluride nanoparticles

PhD Thesis Hanbing Fang | ETH Zürich

Synthesis of phase-change material nanoparticles

BSc Thesis Jan Renz | ETH Zürich

Optical setup to induce a reversible phase change in a phase-change material

MSc Thesis Angela De Rose | RWTH Aachen

Reversible optical switching of thin phase-change layers for mid-infrared antenna resonance tuning

MSc Thesis Martin Lewin | RWTH Aachen

Analysis of material contrasts of phase-change materials using scattering-type scanning near-field optical microscopy

MSc Thesis Lena Jung | RWTH Aachen

Investigation of lateral resolution and signal strength in subsurface imaging with a scattering-type scanning near-field optical microscope

MSc Thesis Thomas Kalix | RWTH Aachen

Setup for reversible optical switching of phase-change materials for changing of the resonance frequency of infrared antennas

MSc Thesis Georg Kunkemöller | Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology (ILT)

Fabrication of novel nanoplasmonic arrays with extreme ultraviolet lithography

Diploma Thesis Wilhelm Gläßner | Fraunhofer ILT and ETH Zurich

Development, fabrication, and characterization of plasmonic structures using nanodrip printing


Lecturer & Teaching Assistant

Practica in Process Engineering MSc Mechanical Engineering | ETH Zürich | Lecturer

This course provides practical training at pilot facilities for fundamental processing steps.

Experimental Methods for Engineers BSc Mechanical Engineering | ETH Zürich | Lecturer

The course presents an overview of measurement tasks in engineering environments, including different concepts for the acquisition and processing of typical measurement quantities.

Condensed Matter Physics II - Exercises MSc in Physics | RWTH Aachen | Teaching Assistant

This course consists of four blocks of varying content, such as modern solid-state optics, correlation effects, interactions in reduced dimensions, as well as electrons and disorder.

English for Physicists - Exercises BSc in Physics | RWTH Aachen | Teaching Assistant

This course aims to prepare for the master’s program in Physics, which is taught in English.

Nano-Optics II - Exercises MSc in Physics | RWTH Aachen | Teaching Assistant

This course discusses optics of nanostructures, including surface plasmon polaritons, resonant nanoparticles, optical antennas, as well as metamaterials.

Physical Metallurgy - Exercises BSc in Materials Science and in Materials Engineering | RWTH Aachen | Teaching Assistant

This course introduces the structure, crystallographic defects, diffusion, mechanical properties, recrystallization, grain growth and solidification of materials for engineering.

Physics for Engineers - Tutorial BSc in Mechanical Engineering | RWTH Aachen | Teaching Assistant

This course aims to teach the basics of oscillations, waves, optics, thermodynamics and atomic physics.

Fundamentals of Crystallography - Tutorial BSc in Materials Science | RWTH Aachen | Teaching Assistant

This course covers crystal structure, crystallographic defects, X-ray diffraction and crystal growth.

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